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Here are but a few comments from our "stoked" clients regarding the Owner of L2R:

 (testimonials of other Staff members available upon request)

 “Learning to surf has been the most fun I've ever had in the water! Cary's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. No matter what your prior skill level in the ocean or surfing, his system is fool proof. One of the sickest blokes I've met!” Christopher from Auz – Long Beach, CA


  “My son struggled with a fear of the ocean but all his friends are learning how to surf. The instructor was patient, very respectful to my sons concerns, is knowledgeable and just really cool. Cary adapted the first lesson for my son and focused on teaching my son how to stay in control in the ocean. The fears my son had quickly disappeared. My son stood and actually surfed for the first time at his first lesson! Now my son is showing what he learned to his friends. Cary says this is called being "stoked". Whatever it’s called, it’s done wonders for his confidence.” Janet, Irvine CA


 We've been out with Cary several times and have a blast everytime. Cary's relaxed but purposeful in helping us learn not only how to stand up on the board, but how to be able to read the waves and currents. By teaching us how to expend the minimum amount of energy getting into the waves, he's helped us not only be able to spend longer surfing, but to do better at other water activities. So even if you're not sure that you want to surf your whole life, if you do anything in the water a couple of hours with Cary is well worth your time. But you'll probably be hooked on surfing by the end of the session--be warned!" Kenneth and Victoria K, Columbia MD


 “WOW!!! Surfing is awesome!!! I’ve been out on the water with Cary a few times and each time gets better and better. The first time I went out I was nervous and scared because I didn’t know what to expect. After five minutes he made me feel comfortable and safe. I had a blast!!! I was back out there the following weekend. I feel ready to hit the waves this summer….” David, La Habra CA


"Hi, I am Edward M and I have known Cary Ortiz for about 5 years. Cary is one of the actively involved attendees of my Church, here in los Alamitos, CA., of which I was one of the pastor’s for 8 ½ years. About 4 years ago at the church, I developed a Surf Camp Ministry, and knowing Cary had been surfing for years, I asked him to help us. As we worked together, I quickly realized that Cary not only knew how to surf, but that he was an incredible teacher, loved the opportunity to work with the kids, and connected well with their parents. He also has now become a good friend of mine. I began working with him on numerous occasions when he started Learn2rip Surf Academy. I soon realized that Cary comes alive while working with his students, since it is not a job to him. Cary knows that he is doing something very positive for those he instructs. When instructing, Cary connects with his students, he makes things fun for them, he talks about tides, wave sets, how the moon plays into things, wind conditions, safety, and much more." Ed, Los Alamitos CA


When I was younger I always had a dream that I would learn to surf, living in Michigan my whole life put a damper on my plans though. When I finally moved to California recently, the first thing I did was call instructors to get the right person to help my fiance and I to learn. After trying to contact many others, Cary was the most knowledgeable, reasonable, and most friendly by far. He's easy to talk to, he's flexible with his schedule, plus he's an all around cool person to be around. Our first lesson we had a blast and I love how Cary actually takes the time to teach you about the waves, about safety, and about techniques before you jump in the water. We definitely wanted to have a second lesson with him and I was able to stand up for the first time! I could tell it's so rewarding for Cary to teach others, and I'm so happy he was there to help me start to realize my dream of surfing!" Lou 26, Newport Beach CA


“Hi Cary it’s Natalia. I visited the website and I had a blast learning how to surf and was soo fun and ur probably like the best surf teacher and I am going back to take more lessons..” Natalia 15, Corona CA


“Cary is an experienced surfer, good role model, great teacher, and amazing person! He is personable and easy to talk with which made my surfing experience so Much more relaxing. He had so much energy and was fun to be around, he made me really want to try and get up on the board!! In addition he taught me the importance of the ocean and how it moves along with how to stay safe in any situation. Cary has all the requirements and more for an incredible surf instructor! ” Catlin 16, Corona CA


“Cary is definitely a knowledgeable guy when it comes to surfing and a good teacher as well (I was able to stand up during my first lesson), but what set the lesson I had with him apart was his care for his students and his desire for them to love the sport he loves beyond the lesson. For this reason, he does a great job of not just teaching his students how to stand up while he is there, but also building a foundation for them to continue to develop by teaching things like safety and etiquette that will allow them to join the surfing community, or teaching things that help his students 'do it themselves' and successfully surf when they're on their own so they are set up to really pick the sport up- this is especially apparent by the fact that he still checks up on me and even invites me to surf after the lesson- definitely a cool guy! ” Ryan, Newport Beach, CA


“I decided to book a surf lesson for myself and my son, but don't have a ton of disposable income. I found Cary on craigslist and he seemed really legit and knew a LOT more than anybody else I had spoken with. My 6 year old doesn't know how to swim but that was totally ok and the lesson went great! Austin was able to stand up his first wave and, in spite of being terribly tall and awkward I was able to stand up on the lesson as well. Very cool bonding experience for us, great exercise on the weekend, and super fun experience. I would recommend Cary HIGHLY for any surf instruction.”   KC and her son, San Diego


"I found Cary's ad on craigslist and ended up having a 45 minute conversation with him on the phone about what my goals,expectations, and current status was. I was pretty intimidated but his incredibly easy and hilarious demeanor helped motivate me to actually make the drive to my first lesson. And that was all it took. I learned so much; everything from how and why the ocean does what she does, to surfing etiquette, to how to shuffle my feet to ward off stingrays, to how to carry my board and SO much more. I haven't been the same since that day; I left with such an incredibly peaceful, yet ecstatic feeling. I was on a natural high for a couple of days and couldn't wait to go back. It's a feeling you can't really explain, but Cary exemplifies the positive energy that can occur between a human being and the ocean. It is an indescribable bond. During the lesson, I haven't laughed that much with one person in years, but I learned so incredibly much at the same time. I am so grateful to Cary, because he has helped change my life." Lisa, Huntington Beach , January 2012


I'm 24 years old and just moved to the west coast in December. Cary was in fact the first person I called and was on a surfboard that very weekend! My experiences with Cary have been a blaaaast. The feeling you get when you catch your very first wave is quite indescribable. I am unable to translate that emotion into words. It's life changing. Cary's lessons are also very informative. It is a class and the classroom is the ocean. Cary is incredibly resourceful and was very helpful in showing me around the different surf shops around the area. He helped me pick out a board that was right for me. A month after my first lesson I had already bought my own surfboard! I couldn't be happier. Surfing lessons was the best decison I have ever made in my life! 

See you in the water! -Joe, Placentia, CA


“Cary swam along side of me as I paddled out on a surfboard to the end of the pier, (as a way to get me comfortable with the ocean and balance). Cary showed me huge, bright starfish which were amazing! I wasn't surprised that the lifeguards know him. It was peaceful yet challenging, but most of all incredibly fun. I stood and surfed day one, awesome. I'm hooked and am getting great workouts that I really enjoy. I look forward to my next lesson but not looking forward to going back to the office. :-P" Tivia, Long Beach CA