Rates and Length of Lesson(s)

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Hello and thank you for checking our rates.

Surfing isn't about $$. It blows when someone won't teach someone how to 

surf because that student can't afford the lesson :/


Our Surf Lesson rates are based on a few things:

 A. Are you a cool person?

 B. Do you like having fun?

 C. Are you ready to have the time of your LIFE??????


 If you answered YES to the above, your rate will be as much as you can 

afford (within reason of course! ;)


YUP, be fair with us regarding how much you can afford, have fun and 

tell your friends about us and we'll only charge you what you can afford. 


We can discuss this more when we speak however we've NEVER turned 

anyone away because of mula $$ Woooo Hooooo (ok we're dorks)


We also can offer mad discounts if you bring a buddy!


 Length of Lessons:


There's no way someone can learn to surf in 1 hour. That's why our lessons 

are for "as long as you can hang!" :) but on average at the same price as 

those who charge hourly.


We also include quality boards and toasty wetsuits, ALL included in your 

Surf Lesson!.com


Thank you for your consideration and Lets go surrrrrrfing!